SEO London: A Fairytale For Your Business

SEO London: A Fairytale For Your Business

I spent ages getting my website perfect. I hired a designer, and together we worked on making my site beautiful. I was very proud of it, and wanted to show it off to the world. The only problem was that page ranking-wise, my beautiful website was in the gutter. I asked my web designer why I was still not getting any decent traffic to my site, in spite of its appearance.

“Well,” my designer replied. He sighed and looked me in the eye. “Okay, so imagine Rapunzel, right? The princess? She’s all locked up in a tower and no one can see how super she is. How’s she going to get a boyfriend locked up in a tower?”

I crossed my arms. I wasn’t sure what my web designer was getting at. There was a long, awkward pause.

“Your website is Rapunzel. You need to get her some invites to some parties. Otherwise no one’s going to find out how great she is.”

Princesses? Towers? Parties? What does that have to do with my website? What parties am I supposed to be inviting my site to?

My web designer gave me a business card. SEO London. That’s what I needed. Like an amazing PA for my Rapunzel website, SEO London was going to get my site invited to some parties. Or something like that.

Let’s be clear now. SEO London is not the actual name of the company. Search Engine Optimization London is what I’m going to call them. Because SEO is what they do, and London (and the surrounding area) is where they do it. Also, the name SEO London sounds almost like the pen name of some sort of incredibly clever academic or writer. Almost.

Anyhow, I spoke to SEO London, and they sorted my Rapunzel out with some party invites. She got a good mention all over social media, made a heap of friends, was linked to some pretty big names, and before long she was getting recognised on the major search engines. Well, I say ‘before long’. These things take time. If SEO London was managing to send Rapunzel out to two or three parties a week, it would still take time for her to start to be recognised. So bear that in mind when you go after SEO service London yourself. A fairy godmother can work her magic, but there’s also only so much SEO London can do. The rest is up to you. If your business doesn’t live up to its own hype, then you will have a lot more work to do on making it search-worthy before the SEO London magic can kick in.

However, if you’re confident that your business is worth everybody knowing about, then get with the SEO London programme! Without SEO, your website may as well spend its life locked in that tower, because no one’s going to see it unless it starts getting out and about.

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