Recent Development In Apps Technology

Take A Closer Look At The Recent Development In Apps Technology

There is no doubt that now the mobile apps have come up as one of the most helpful tools that can help you to accomplish all kinds of works in your life. Starting from measuring the blood pressure to listening to the latest hits to doing your business reporting, with the help of the apps you can do all kinds of work easily from your mobile.

Due to this increasing importance of the apps now new and top of the shelf technologies are also coming into being in order to provide you with something more every time you upgrade them. The mobile app technology has come up a long way from its humble beginning and now showing a great future ahead.

Each and every year new app technologies are invented and the companies offering amazing mobile app development services cater better services to the users. This year is no different; 2017 has also seen various technological advancements and there is a lot more to come as well. Let’s check out which mobile app technology trends are ruling the industry and how it is going to change the way of using apps.

Mobile apps specially made for small business owners

Till now the small business sector is one of the most neglected one in the mobile apps industry, but now developers are more inclined to build micro apps which are meant to facilitate the small business needs.

Cloud Driven Apps

Cloud computing is impacting the lives like anything; thus now developers are more interested to create cloud driven apps.

Artificial intelligence is no more a distant dream

To make the apps more powerful with the help of cognitive interfaces, advanced analytics and complex systems, app developers have now started using the artificial intelligence profoundly.

Apps equipped with AR & VR

There is a rise in the augmented reality and the virtual reality for giving the users top quality gaming experience. But this year it will be different and with the help of this amazing technology now developers are creating more impact apps for the industries like healthcare, real-estate, retail, education sectors.

AMP is now changing the industry

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the new sensation this year, which will change the way people browse the mobile web.

Except these major developments there is more which is also worth mentioning. The more security features for the apps, advancement in m-commerce, internet based things and location based services are some of them.

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