Yahoo Cuts Four Percent Of Its Workforce

Yahoo May Sell or Give Away Delicious

After all, Yahoo won’t shut down its Delicious social bookmarking site. A slide that circulated widely yesterday showed that Delicious was one of several products Yahoo had selected to “sunset,” but Yahoo now says in a blog post, included in full below, that it isn’t shutting down the product and is instead looking for a “home outside the company that would make more sense for the service and our users.”

That suggests that Yahoo is either shopping Delicious or considering giving it away, possibly as an open-source project, as some have suggested it should do.

That led to a widespread outcry online that Delicious was on the chopping block and provided Delicious competitors with an opportunity to pitch their services. That seems like a very poor communication strategy to me.

Delicious has finally found a buyer, thanks to Yahoo. According to Yahoo, YouTube creators Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have bought the firm through a “new Internet startup, AVOS.”

They have personal experience enabling millions of people to share their experiences with the world as the developers of the largest online video platform. Delicious’ aim is to continue delivering the same amazing service that consumers enjoy while making it simpler and more fun to store, share, and discover the web’s “tastiest” stuff. AVOS, a new Internet business, will acquire Delicious.

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