Importance OF SEO Metrics

Importance OF SEO Metrics In 2017

Before continuing to the article the very first question arise here is that Do we really need new metrics to do SEO? and most of you might think it is yes but the actual answer is NO, the point is we become obsessed with some metrics, which is strictly not necessary in order to follow real objectives of gaining visitors for your business.

But at the same time it doesn’t mean consider it totally, sometimes it is worth considering these metrics via online tool to check Moz metrics because of the following reasons:

  • To understand what is happening on your web and your niche
  • To verify your individual progress
  • To know your new competitors i.e. who goes up or down

To conclude it is necessary to remember that metrics can’t be used as an absolute value, rather use it wisely to compare pages, domains or links. As we all know we do copy-writing to add value to our business and to retain visitors for a long time, follow the same logic when connecting brands with bloggers without going deep into metrics. As it helps you gain lasting interaction with the users and become a “better Internet” contributor who markets business for real customers rather than to please search engine bots. Blogger Outreach & Engagement with real blogger outreach having 100% original blogs, domain authority, reputation, social media metrics as well as a blog audience which is real and engaging.


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