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How Do Social Media And Seo Work Together?

A huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to success with online businesses is driving plenty of traffic to your products, your services, and your sales funnels so that you have every opportunity to convert as many of these complete and total strangers into paying customers as possible.

Unfortunately, search engine optimization – the practice of boosting your websites to the top of Google and other major search engine rankings for a number of select keywords – has become incredibly challenging and competitive these days. For the really big keywords out there, some companies – multibillion-dollar companies – are willing to spend thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars each week to dominate these top spots and never give a fair crack to “the little guy”.

But that’s where social media comes into play!

A great equalizer that has transformed pretty much every aspect of our day to day lives, social media is now where the overwhelming majority of people get their news, find out about new products and new services, and where a flood of targeted traffic is waiting to be directed to your business.

By combining search engine optimization and social media, savvy business owners and strategic business owners are able to take advantage of leverage that simply didn’t used to exist.

Nearly 211 million pieces of online content are created each and every single minute of every single day, and more than 4 million Google searches are performed every minute on Google alone. You cannot afford to miss out on this potent combination of search engine optimization and social media, or you may find out what it’s like to lag behind competitors that do.

Search engine optimization is for the short and long haul

The most important thing you can do when you are looking to improve your search engine optimization is understand that you are going to have to walk two different paths to get the results you are looking for.

On the one hand need to create search engine optimization on page that is going to give you immediate boosts to your search engine rankings. This is a short-term outlook for sure, but it’s the only way to get the kind of traction you need right out of the gate. On the other hand, you’ll need to build as many links to your content as you can – and social media will definitely help their – giving you the opportunity to build a more established and rock solid foundation of search engine optimization that gives your business the longevity you need to thrive.

Use social media to get a jump start on search engine optimization

Social media is going to allow you to jumpstart your success with search engine optimization, by allowing you to not only build back links to your content on all of the different social media profiles (especially if other people start to share your links as well), but also to provide you with a flood of relevant traffic and hopefully relevant searches from organic social media interactions that will boost your rankings as well.

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