How To Gain Maximum SEO Benefits With Efficient Linking

How To Gain Maximum SEO Benefits With Efficient Linking

In today’s virtual world, internet has gained a lot of importance. Therefore everybody is into an e-race of coming on top of SERP’s (search engine result pages). To be on the top of these SERP’s is enough, you need to concentrate on maintaining this top position by adopting.White Hat SEO techniques from the start so that your website don’t roll down when any update of Google rolls out be it Google panda, penguin, pigeon or hummingbird.

By adopting exact keyword density and proper percentage of backlinking on accurate and generic keywords along with right URL insertion you can do effective brand link building. It can make your linking effective along with effective linking it will build your brand and make people aware about your brand.

Here is the best and successful way tested from years of research to build booming brand awareness on digital world:

  • Linking on URL – 35%
  • Anchor text on generic keywords – 25%
  • Hyperlink on brand keywords – 30%
  • Link building from main keywords – 10%

The above percentage clearly shows that linking should be natural and should not be done exclusive for link building purpose.

While planning to promote your website it is necessary that you should do it in the best possible manner so that you should get maximum benefit out of it and the benefits should maintain for long terms so that with little maintenance you always stay on the top and grow your business and generate new leads vigorously.

You must link to relevant keywords with relevant website which should be in benefit of your content readers. Linking  can be internal or external but links should be relevant to the content of the post


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