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Matt Cutts Wants to Rank for “Guest Blogging” Keyword

I know it is a funny question but it is still considerable. Recently Matt Cutts warned the search engine optimization community for creating links via guest blog posting with the intention of increasing search engine ranking.

If you will look at the url of this post it is

If we use the default url by wordpress it should be

Matt Cutts used the custom URL and use the only keyword “guest blogging”

It can be concluded that Matt Cutts want this post to rank for guest blogging ”guest blogging” , “guest posting,” “guest blog post”. There is nothing bad in this rather if this post rank the all blog owners, bloggers and blogging company can know better about guest blogging for SEO or otherwise.

One conclusion which I drawn from this that keywords in URL play the role in SEO, This is the reason you find influencer outreach services keywords in above Matt Cutts post title

If you will see the post is ranking for keywords ”guest blogging” , “guest posting,” “guest blog post”


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