7 Tactics Give Signals To Google About Guest Blog Posting For SEO

Recently Matt Cutts blogged that guest posting done exclusively for the purpose of getting links will be considered as spam and both blog owners and guest poster websites will be penalized for doing such black hat way of getting links.

The Question : How Google will find a guest blog posting solely done for SEO purpose? Google algorithm will find the following signals to determine that guest blog post is done for just getting backlinks.

  • Linking your website with Keyword rich anchor text either in body of content or at end.
  • Large numbers of domain to publish your guest posts.
  • Using poor quality content in guest post where your link is published.
  • Placing your post in low quality blogs or magazines.
  • Every time using different name in Author Bio and link to your website.
  • You are not showing the websites you linked along with your author bio in Google + account.
  • Blog post with small content.

Google technology is enough advance to find such blog posts and penalise them.

However if you are doing such activities for yourself or for your customers Stop it immediately to avoid any action from Google. Guest posting is still an important part of content development and marketing strategy if done with the purpose of reputation and branding, traffic, exposure in relevant blogs

The Information is provided by Ingrid Preston of www.blog-posting.com


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