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Blog Outreach – A Handy Guide To Your First Step Forward

Blogger Outreach is a common phenomenon today in the world of Bloggers, without which your blogs are not worth a penny. There was a time when this profession was not deemed as autm, hentic, however, with changing times “blogging” today is a marked engagement online by one and all and the blogger outreach process is the key source to endorse your content.

What exactly is Blogger Outreach?

Blog Outreach Strategy is campaigning of your content, related to a brand or merchandise, by bonding with other bloggers of same domain. Though one can attend seminars to link with bloggers, online relationship is more common.

In order to get your content noticed you need to work towards it rigorously, rather than sitting at it for visitors, which is certainly not going to work in your favor. Blogger outreach route is the only and perfect way to reach out to the community who can help you increase your blog traffic.

Free Tools for blogger outreach:

• Search the websites with the appropriate keywords, on search engines such as, Google and the likes and connect.

• Look for free tools such as Reuters, Qwaya and more which will help you track down the blogs that receive highest traffic, thereby helping you reach the right group.

• Target your section of bloggers with personalized emails for each, rather than using a repetitive pattern.

Some of the free tools which can help in  guest blogging outreach are Buzzstream, Inkbee, and so on. You can explore the list from thousands of domains, promote your site and keep a tab on the progress, crowd sourcing, and much more.
Besides the free tools which are generally time consuming, one can also opt for a paid tool for a better approach to Blog Outreach. However, a free tool is preferred for a novice, who can get some idea before they venture further. One should also research sites such as, Alexa, Technorati or sign up for Haro to bond with the industry leaders and correspondents in the equivalent field.

In our opinion we can also make use of blogger index or websites where quality weblogs are listed. Blog submission company can help in blogger outreach also

These are some basic tips for your first step towards blog outreach, however, his/her target segment. Once you know your segment apply the above tips, and you know that you are treading the right path in Blog Outreach.

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Austin K is an blogger and influencer outreach expert at Megri Blogger Outreach Services in New York and London. He writes about the latest developments in digital marketing and focuses his efforts on innovating customized blogger outreach plans for brands, business and startups depending on the industry and competition.

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