Google Premium Protected Websites With Superior Search Rankings

Google’s Engineer Matt Cutts has hinted at this, having announced about such a move. Cutts was telling at the SMX West conference in California, when the matter of website hacking came up and he talked about Google’s feedback to it.

Heartfelt was a large security exploit smash over a half a million web sites out there. It is called as a “catastrophic” bug that may be treated the most important bug in the history of the web. With it, sites with impressible data were like an open book to anyone who approved to use the loophole to achieve that data.
Google Compute Engine client create new keys for any concerned SSL services. Google Search Appliance (GSA) clients should also consider inventing new keys after patching their GSA,

Google started to step up encryption of its services and tested extra guard to email, searches, and servers.

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