Most Important Internet Tools for Content Creators

Writing for the web is no easy task. Writers have to struggle it out every day to produce high quality, interesting and engaging content. 

Now, as obvious, coming up with creative content every single day is very tough. From doing online research to making the write-up SEO friendly, writers have to spend a considerable amount of time and energy on things that are somehow linked to writing. To make their lives easier, here we are going to share top online tools that can save your lives on a given day –

Online Tools For Content Writers


This online tool checks on the frequency of words used in a piece of content. Thus it is not essentially a word counter tool as the name suggests. The tool is extremely useful when you have to use keywords and tag words a certain number of times to make the piece search engine friendly. The tool also points out when you get repetitive allowing you to immediately rectify such mistakes.


When you seem to be out of words and the deadline nears, use Spinbot. It is a free tool using which you can spin the text and have a new content ready within minutes. You can paste some text on Spinbot and the tool will replace a few words with synonyms to make your sentences different while keeping the meaning intact.

Spell Check Plus

Content writers often rely on their word processor’s spell check for spelling and grammar errors. But if you want to be extra careful with the spellings and simple grammar, you can use the Spell Check Plus tool. While nothing can beat good writing skill, it won’t do you any harm in taking help from such an amazing tool.


Plagiarism is a dreaded word for content writers.No one is going to pardon you if your work is found to be a plagiarized content. However, if copying verbatim from one source is called plagiarism, copying from many sources is called researching. Content writers obviously prefer the later. Even then the risk of plagiarism remains and that’s when Copyscape comes to the rescue. You can use the tool to check whether more than 5% text is copied. Copyscape charges a small amount for checking each content but that’s a small price you pay to remain safe and careful.

Essay Mama

Essay Mama is one of the most trusted essay writing services available for content writers. The tool is especially helpful when you have a truckload of work pending and deadline is approaching fast. You can easily outsource the work to Easy Mama who will do the required content within a day. Do not expect this amazing tool to be free of cost – it isn’t. But paying a small amount for getting you out of trouble isn’t a big deal, is it?

Convert Case

You would know the pain of copying text from websites and pasting it on your content and having to deal with colored content, capitalized letters and so on. You can use the Convert Case tool to either capitalize a word fully or have only the first word capitalized. You can also change into lower case as and when you wish. Try out the tool and see how you can change cases easily.

Next time you are blankly staring at the white word processor screen, unsure of how to begin, use these tools and write effortlessly. If used wisely, these tools can become your best friends in work.

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