Pinterest Reveal Developments To Customer Experience

Pinterest declared some developments to their user experience at a event organised last night at their head office in San Francisco. The developments include features like Advised Guided Search, Customized Categories, and better Related Pins.

Guided Search.

According to Pinterest’s released, the social media site has expanded by 50% in the past six months. It now functions 750 thousand boards containing over 30 billion dollars pictures. That is a lot of information to look through when you are looking for something.

“With so many opportunities, you might not know the best one until you see it,” said Pinterest in their reeased, which is why they developed Advised guide search.

If you are  admire for something but are not completely sure what it is, that is where Advised Search comes in. Begin typing what it is you are thinking of and Pinterest will come back Categories and keywords that not only begin with the same characters, but are also related to the search phrases you may be admire for.


Custom Categories and Related Pins

Pinterest bugan with 32 categories that CEO Ben Silbermann has  reportedly  stated were broadly erratic. Since many of the interests of Pinterest users expand ahead these 32 categories, Pinterest has plans to involve more carefully focused categories that they will be rolling out laizly.

Related pins are suggestions of other pins you may be interested in based on your Pinterest activity. Related Pins aren’t new, but it’s not a feature that was widely included on all pins. Now, more than 90% of pins will have Related Pins attached to them.

Relevant pins are recommendations of other pins you may be enthusiastic about depending on your Pinterest activity. Relevant Pins are not new, but it’s not a function that was commonly involved on all pins. Now, more than 90% of pins will have Relevant Pins connected to them.

Here’s a video demonstrating how Guided Search works:

Guided Search os now live on the latest versions of Pinterest for Android and iOS.

“We are trying to offer a suggestions on every individual item on the world,” said Silbermann.

Pinterest’s acquisition of VisualGraph a few months ago allegedly cause to the impact of all three of the above functions.

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