These Are Only Words Written There But Are They Yours

These Are Only Words Written There But Are They Yours?

‘Plagiarism’ or literary theft is defined as the act of stealing someone’s ideas or work and claiming it as your own. It is an act of fraud but the question is can thoughts and language be stolen? As it turns out according to U.S. law, it can. But the act of plagiarism may not always be intentional. With the means and modes of expressing one’s thoughts and ideas increasing every day, the probability of two person’s ideas, thoughts, and language to resonate and sound similar is only natural. Yet the fact remains that plagiarism is a hard reality which is consciously condemned by the literary society because more than we know most acts of plagiarism are often intentional.

But with thousands of literary works coughing up every day, every moment how do you clarify your thoughts, ideas, and language that are plagiarism free? The answer to this is plagiarism software.

With the boom of technology and internet in the modern times, the world has shrunk to your computer screens and anything you want to know is just a click away. Plagiarism software is another marvel from the world of computers and coding which basically accesses the huge amount of information available on the internet, compares it with your work and certifies if your work is an act of plagiarism or unique.

When you type plagiarism software on google the search returns many online application portals where one check ones document for plagiarism for free. Some of the most popular plagiarism software is as follows:

  • Plagiarism checker – coming from small SEO tools, this checker is extremely user-friendly, free of cost and is completely online. It also allows on to be notified if one’s content has been copied. But it is compatible only with google or yahoo web browsers.
  • Dupli Checker – another free of cost, user-friendly online plagiarism checker. It allows documents to be either pasted in the field or uploaded for checking. Although no paid version is available, the search is restricted to one per unregistered user and up to 50 per registered user in one day.
  • PaperRater – this is an all-rounder tool that allows proofreading, grammar check, vocabulary builder and plagiarism checker. Having a basic plan that is free of charge allowing 5 pages that you can submit at once, there is also a premium plan of $7.95 per month. PaperRater gives fast and accurate results within seconds.
  • Plagiarism – another software with a basic free unregistered plan as well as a registered premium plan with unlimited searches. An easy to use multipurpose checker with almost no language restriction. Files can be uploaded, checked by URL or even online.
  • Copyleaks – a cloud-based software that allows eLearning is being used online across the internet. Supporting multiple file formats it addresses both educational and business purposes. But the only problem is that one cannot access without an account and only the first 10 pages are free. It has paid plans for both academic and business.

In this world of remakes and retakes what makes life unique is its originality in every story it writes. So as writers it is our moral responsibility to keep our work plagiarism free and take help from the innumerable inexpensive plagiarism checkers available online.

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