Disavowing Links If Below Some Arbitrary Metric Is A Bad Idea

While carry on the audit of backlink profile it is common that links are valued on the basis of some standard metric which are commonly approved in SEO community like. For example most of link auditor or analysts remove the backlinks having low PR, Low Page Authority, Low Domain Authority, PHP Link Directories, Less traffic from the websites, etc

John Mueller replying to one thread at forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help considered it as bad idea to disavow links on the basis of some arbitrary metrics. John Mueller said:

That’s a really bad idea. Disavowing links just because they fall low on some arbitrary metric doesn’t make sense.

I agree with the John that we cannot just follow the arbitrary metrics for link audit. Example you decided to remove all links with PR0 and to keep PR5 Whereas link on PR0 if released to your website theme can be of more value than a paid links of PR5.Similarly links from every directory cannot be bad.

More human judgment is needed while doing backlink audit by people of link removal services company

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